Guest Access Management System

  • For data centers who needs secure access .
  • Organization who needs to manage their guest access.
  • Organizations that needs to allow people for certain period of time only.
  • Organizations who needs to control devices for security areas.
  • For vehicle and personal access pre approval requirements.
  • Any other guest/visitor access control requirements.


  • User friendly web based solution with Android mobile app.
  • Complete guest access request management.
  • Availability from any location.
  • Customers and guests can request access by their own.
  • Include device types, personal information for access approval
  • Multiple Approval Levels.
  • Track each request process from the start.
  • Comprehensive reports.
  • Receive alerts on various requests/approval and changes.
  • Easy to modify and re request.
  • Provide comments and instructions to each process.
  • Roll based access to control system access.
  • Manage multiple sites access from a single location.